Thought Leaders Mastermind has significantly evolved and is now operating as and has a number of propositions designed to raise your profile and create new opportunities for your business.

A dynamic group of speakers, committed to raising their games and creating more commercial opportunities.


You are probably reading this because you are a speaker, author or thought leader is some way shape or form. It may not be the only thing you do, but you have found this because you want to do more of it, and for a better financial return.

The objective of Thought Leaders Mastermind is to provide a support framework for each other whereby we can enjoy a confidential environment to develop ideas, develop skills, marketing materials, solve issues, receive constructive feedback and create REAL commercial opportunities for each other.

The last reason is why I expect people will want to join. The others are why they will stay.

This will be a journey in personal and business development and more importantly, you will develop a strong peer support group. Click the button below to arrange a call.

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The idea was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Growth minded people have been using masterminding as a route to success ever since.

Masterminding involves a group of likeminded people who meet on a regular basis to;

  • Learn from each other
  • Enhance their skills
  • Share experiences and connections
  • Build trusted relationships in a confidential environment
  • Open doors to new opportunities

Being part of a Mastermind is like having an experienced board of directors focussed on developing you. It’s a way of being part of an exclusive group of people who take their career and personal development seriously. Meetings are held in luxury venues where your main focus becomes creative thinking and building relationships.

All members must agree to Chatham House Rule on confidentiality.

Thought Leaders Mastermind is designed to develop your skills, develop your proposition, raise your profile, and create commercial opportunities. Here’s how we do it...


We meet every month in three different locations;

- SOUTH WEST (Nr Cirencester)


- MIDLANDS (Nr Warwick)

Members can attend one of any of the meetings so there is normally always a date that fits your schedule.


Every member has a 1-2-1 mentoring call with Warren to keep the focus on progress whilst exploring new opportunities.


Our online portal is where we share knowledge, opportunities & connect with the other members.


This isn’t a passive membership. We proactively promote members through a number of different channels, raising their profile and getting them noticed.


  • Increase your influence
  • Be seen and heard in your industry
  • Be open to new ideas and listen to feedback
  • Contribute to the success of others
  • Develop your own intellectual property
  • Develop your own services or products
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